LA Herbs & Acupuncture maintains an extensive herbal pharmacy on site. We take great care in selecting the finest herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.

Our most traditional single-herb products are the E-Fong granules, which are manufactured by Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Corporation (GYPC).  GYPC is strongly committed to ensuring the safeness, effectiveness, stability, and controllability of their herbal products and conforms to all FDA regulations. Through these rigid systems of manufacturing the highest quality herb granules, GYPC is able to maintain the traditional herbs’ quality, original flavor and fragrance!  The granule packaging enables the doctor to formulate according to specific diagnosis and have the flexibility to modify the formula.  Each dose is packaged to effectively protect against moisture and any outside contaminants. E-Fong products contain no sugar, or preservatives. All products are tested for heavy metal and monitored under strict quality control and GMP. 

Our most cutting-edge herbal medicines come from Panaxea International, based in Australia.  These herbal formulas combine the very best of traditional Chinese formulas with herbal isolates and nutritional supplements.

We also stock traditional formulas made locally by Herbal Science International, Inc. using Dr. William Chang’s specially designed, patented, low temperature vacuum reflux extraction / concentration system in the production of over 200 high quality Chinese herbal formulas.  We also carry selected nutritional supplements from Thorne and Apex Energetics.


Remote or in-person herbal consultations are available,
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